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At Kitrick, Lewis & Harris, Co. L.P.A., we believe in helping victims of negligence and deceptive business practices seek justice. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience in many different areas of personal injury law.

Purpose Statement: We protect people and small businesses when they have been harmed and we strive to be leaders in the legal system.



The KLH law firm attended CASA’s 14th Annual “Speak Up For Children” breakfast on September 23, 2014.  The firm, as well as 500 other attendees, learned more about this independent, non-profit organization. They are in charge of training and supporting volunteers to represent neglected and abused children. In court they … Read more →


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Mark Kitrick presenting CLE program “Hot Coffee: Exposing the Truth, Lies & Misperceptions of our Litigation System” at the Columbus Bar Association last week.

Living Safer Magazine

Living Safer Magazine Volume 6 Edition 3Have you heard these buzzwords and/or catchphrases? Paleo. Gluten sensitivity. Vitamix. Farm to table. What about kale, chia seeds, quinoa — really, quinoa? How can this become the next big thing when most of us can't even pronounce it? A food explosion of epic proportions can happen in an instant. Before you can say "hold the gluten," every health article you read and every health nut you know is posting recipes for delicious "green" smoothies and buckwheat pancakes. Here, we discuss and debunk what's coming in 2015. Click here to view our latest issue.